Email & Hosting

Speed up your efficiency with Microsoft Office 365 Email and Secure hosting.

Microsoft Office 365 Email in the cloud – work anywhere

There are now over 155 million Office 365 business users (2018) and the number is growing.

Working in the cloud means you can access your email and office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) from any location and device. Perfect for remote workers, travellers and people on the go.

Some benefits of using Microsoft Office 365:

  • Advanced security features – keeping your companies data safe from potential threats
  • Always up to date – No software upgrades, you’ll always have the latest version
  • Paid monthly – easily cut costs by switching off services and users – easier cash flow
  • Focused inbox – clear the clutter and sift through your email easier giving you clarity and more time to get on with other stuff

I can set up your email accounts and link them up to your domain.

Secure Website hosting

I can set up WordPress on your website hosting package or you can use my own hosting recommendation.

Use my hosting solution and I can offer:

  • Maintenance and direct contact with support.
  • Backups 4 times a day – your website can easily be restored if ever there’s a hitch – peace of mind your website is being looked after.
  • SSL certificates – Boost SEO ranking, warn off hackers and build trust with a secure certificate.

WordPress Maintenace

WordPress needs to be regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance. I can offer a maintenance package to ensure your website is running smoothly and safe from hack attacks.

I offer:

  • Monthly updates for core, plugins and themes and to ensure you’re always using the latest version of WordPress
  • Testing of your WordPress forms to ensure you’re always receiving emails from prospective clients
  • Optimising your images so your website is running faster
  • Setting up security plugins to prevent nasty hackers from intruding

Don’t worry, sometimes it can all sound a bit techie. I’m happy to talk to you and discuss exactly what you are after and all in plain english. Contact me to find out how I can make your journey easier.

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