About Milk it Design

Enhance and grow your business with digital, branding & design

Looking to improve your business?

  • Is your marketing material tired and uninspiring?
  • Is your brand getting the attention it deserves?
  • Or are you losing sales because your brand is sending out the wrong signals?

A slap-dash marketing approach and a shoddy brand image can easily affect how people see you. And when you can’t convince your potential customers to trust you, they’re not likely to stick around.

Milk it Design helps business owners and marketing managers improve and sustain their business brand through online and offline marketing. A consistent, professional and authentic brand gains recognition, credibility and trust. This helps boost profits and converts leads into sales.

A cohesive brand sends out the right message wherever your potential customers see you. Whether it’s an online ad, website or printed brochure. This will put your company in the spotlight, centre stage.

Here’s how Milk it can help:

  • Logos and brand guidelines to keep your marketing consistent and to show you in the best possible light at all times.
  • Dynamic design such as brochures, presentations and leaflets which focus on convincing your potential customers you’re the real deal (or reminding your existing customers to stick with you).
  • Visually striking online design such as WordPress websites, landing pages and online ads which encourage users to click and take action.

About me

My 15 years commercial experience has enabled me to work on many different projects. I have a wealth of experience that allows me to get my head down and get the job done with minimum stress and with super efficiency. This means you get clear, concise communication – jobs are wrapped up quicker leaving you satisfied and more likely to come back for more.

I love what I do and I love helping clients improve.

I have worked with a whole range of small business and big brands such as Virgin, Boeing and National Trust.

Why Choose Milk it Design?

  • Design, technical and marketing knowledge. All the right ingredients to help your business thrive. Whether it’s a WordPress website to a new logo, everything is under one roof.
  • I take time to understand how your company ticks. It’s the nitty gritty details which allows me to focus on your goals.
  • I’m down to earth and patient. We work together to make your project a success. It’s your business, I don’t stamp on your ideas.
  • I’m professional and personable. You’re treated as a person and not a number. I’m a flexible freelancer not a cold agency.
  • You will have direct contact with me. Avoid the agency middleman – Nothing will get lost in translation and projects will run smoother.
  • I don’t oversubscribe myself with clients. This means that I spend quality time with my existing ones so I can help them grow

My ideal client, you are:

  • Organised – Clear communication and updates, there is clarity on both sides and the job gets signed off quicker with less stress and bother.
  • Positive – It always helps when you’re driven to succeed, it’s infectious. Jobs have that added spark and the enthusiasm can keep the momentum going.
  • Responsive – Regular updates, no radio silence please.

Of course, things don’t always go to plan but in an ideal world the above gets my thumbs up.

A few Professional facts about Zac:

  • He’s a Chartered Institute of Marketing member
  • He’s degree educated
  • He runs his own pop art business
  • He’s been featured in Computer Arts magazine

A few Personal facts about Zac:

  • He once ran bare footed across hot coals (and didn’t burn his feet)
  • He’s a fan of deep melodic house music and is an occasional DJ
  • He loves the buzz of London but equally enjoys the UK countryside
  • He’s a self-help nerd and meditates daily

Clients I’ve worked with